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About our


About our


Photo by Boxer Fox

TMC's goal is to provide durable, comfortable and eye catching fursuits at an affordable price

Below are some of the key features and options TMC offers to its customers

Key Features


All heads are fully lined with a custom made liner. No foam ever comes in contact with the wearers face.

Heads can be made to accommodate glasses comfortably upon request 

IMG_20181101_215715_2 (1).jpg


TMC Heads are built tough!
They are designed to handle the most active performers and being squished for transport.

Easy to Clean

All TMC heads made from 2018 onward are machine washable making keeping them fresh and clean as easy as possible


TMC Heads are designed to be durable and comfortable with and exceptional range of vision.

Our heads are built to fit snugly to stay in place on even the most active performers. You see through the characters eyes which offers a great range of vision with a minimal central blind spot though peripheral vision is somewhat restricted. Ventilation is through the open mouth that can be propped open under the wearers chin for added air flow.


We offer three basic foot styles, Indoor, outdoor and sock paws.

All three styles are made using the same patterns to keep looks consistent.

Unlike older versions these feet are not built on a shoe and are 'plush' rather than carved foam making them lighter, easier to squish for transport and machine washable. They are also fully lined with an internal EVA foam innersole for comfort. Plush claws can be added to both styles.

Sock paws however are completely soft and plushy with no glue or foam used in their construction. This makes our sock paws incredibly light and comfortable.

Patterns can also be adjusted or made from scratch to accommodate any sized foot or character design.


Bodysuits are fitted to each customer with the use of a DTD (DTD Tutorial). All bodysuit seams are finished to be as neat and comfortable as possible. Ankles, wrists, necks, tail cuffs and zipper are lined for comfort and to prevent stretching and fraying over time.

Body padding is sewn in place for a seamless look and to make the bodysuit as easy to wear as possible. The stuffing is removable via zippers. 



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