The Critters of Chaos

The Critters of Chaos

First appearing on Australia’s Gold Coast in May 2015 these creatures are a previously unknown and undocumented life form. They are simply known as ‘Critters of Chaos” due to their tendency to wreak havoc wherever they appear.


It is now understood the 'Critters of Chaos' began as an experiment in genetic manipulation in a top secret facility somewhere in Queensland, Australia. The apparently very intelligent Critters cunningly gained favour with the scientists that created them before mounting their escape and disappearing into the Gold Coast hinterland. It is currently unknown how many Critters are free and how far they have roamed but there are rumored sightings as far afield as Western Australia.



Due to the nature of the genetic experiments that created the Critter of Chaos they exhibit attributes of many different species including fish, mammals, reptiles, birds and even insects. Most Critters exhibit bright, even obnoxious coats and markings however they can be more subdued. 


They are highly varied in outward appearance including but not limited to differing tails, ears, colours and horns. However all Critters have common features such as:​

  • A basic face shape with a short muzzle, large round cheeks and easily identifiable Critter nose 

  • No visible sclera (whites of the eyes)

  • Vertical, oval pupils

  • Tufts of long fur on the bridge of the nose

  • Four digits on each hand and foot

  • Short, sleek fur on their bodies and face

  • Long, fluffy manes that extend down their chest and back

  • Large, fluffy forelimbs

  • Beak like 'teeth'


Art by @ArcanaFox

As they are a synthetic life form it is believed that the Critters lack any kind of reproductive organs. 



As their name suggests the Critters are prone to causing Chaos wherever they appear. They are intelligent and curious creatures known to be cunning to get what they want. Although mischievous the Critters are not dangerous and would never intentionally hurt anyone.

Their demeanor is equally as variable Some Critters are very outgoing and actively seek out humans to interact with. Others can be very skittish and prone to hiding. 

The ability for speech varies from Critter to Critter. Some are capable of complex speech and holding conversations with humans. Some have the ability to mimic like a parrot. Other may communicate with chirps, whistles, growls etc. whilst others are completely silent.

It has been observed that Critters will seek out habitats according to the genetic traits used to create each specimen.

The critters display a strong herding instinct and are most often seen travelling in a pack. When isolated for long periods of time they can become visibly agitated.


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