How to get your own 

Critter of Chaos

There are two ways to get a Critter of Chaos to call your own

Adopt a Critter directly from me (TMC)

You can adopt a pre-designed Critter or email me about a custom adoptable.

You can get just the design or go all out and get a suit made of your new Critter as well


You can design your own Critter of Chaos

Critters are now an open species BUT there are some restrictions 

Critter of Chaos Fursuits

Start at $3600


Though they are varied in outward appearance including but not limited to tails, ears and markings, all critters share a number of common features such as:

  • No visible sclera

  • Vertical oblong pupils

  • Tuft of long fur on the ridge of the nose

  • 4 digits on hands and feet

  • Fluffy forelimbs

  • Elaborate manes

  • Large fluffy feet and forearms

  • Visually androgynous, it is not known if there are separate genders within the species.  

Suit Features:

  • Unique 'Critter' teeth

  • Plush tongue

  • 3D 'Follow Me' eyes

  • Fluffy manes and forelimbs

  • Shaved down bodysuits

  • Padded forearms

  • 4 digit 'Puffy Paws'

  • Stompy feet with durable outdoor soles

  • Fluffy noses

  • Long tuft of fur on the bridge of the nose

  • Front bodysuit zippers

Adopt a Critter


These Critters are looking for homes!

The adoption fee is $50AUD for the design only.

You may choose to get your design made into a custom fitted fursuit starting at $3500AUD


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Designing your own Critter


Even though every Critter of Chaos is unique there some restrictions for those wanting to design their own. The basic rules are listed below. If you are unsure of anything please feel free to email me with any questions you may have.

The must haves

Critters of Chaos are highly varied in appearance including but not limited to differing tails, ears, colours and horns. However all Critters have common features such as that must be included in your designs.

These are:

  • A basic face shape - Critters all have a short, wide muzzle, large round cheeks and the unique Critter nose 

  • No visible sclera (whites of the eyes)

  • Vertical, oval pupils

  • Tufts of long fur in the bridge of the nose (NoseHawks)

  • Four digits on each hand and foot - There are 2 choices of finger/toe design: paws or claws​

  • Short, sleek fur on their bodies and face

  • Long, fluffy manes - Similar to a lions mane, Critters manes extend down their backs, chests and over their shoulders

  • Large, fluffy forearms and forelegs

  • Tails - All Critters have some form of tail but they can range from a small bear nub tail to a large floor dragging whale tail

  • Beak like 'teeth' - Saber teeth and tusks are possible but all 'teeth'​ match the Critters eye colours

Things to get creative with

Critters of Chaos can have genetic traits from any species you can think of so the possibilities are endless. Features that can be customised include:

  • Tails - All Critters have some form of tail but they can range from a small bear nub tail to a large floor dragging whale tail

  • Ears - Go crazy, big, small, absent, feathered, even fins are all ok

  • Horns, Antlers, Spikes, Spines, Quills - there is not restrictions to the type, placement or number of these on any critter

  • Scales - reptilian belly scales or even scutes on their back like a crocodile

  • Colours - Most Critters sport bright, obnoxious colours but more subdued designs are possible. Just no white

  • Markings - Critters can be as simple or complex as you like

  • Fins - can be present on any part of the body but most commonly on the head and down the back and tail

  • Pseudo wings - wing membranes between their arms and torso or feathered wings on the arms. Critters cannot have more than 4 limbs so no separate wings on their backs

The no-no's

  • Long fur - Long fluffy fur may only be present on their manes, forearms, lower legs and tails

  • Two toned manes - Only Critters designed by me (TMC) have 2 colours in their manes

  • White fur - No Critter has been observed with any white fur

  • Genitals - The Critters of Chaos were designed in a lab so it is suspected that they have no means to reproduce 'naturally' so they have no genitalia and appear androgynous. Critters are also not to be used in NSFW art. This only applies to their outward appearance, Critters personalities may be male, female neither or anything in between

  • True wings - Whilst some Critters may have wing membranes they are incapable of flight and do not have full wings  

  • Extra Limbs - Critters have a maximum of 4 limbs

  • Digitigrade posture - All Critters are plantigrade. Their feet are very similar in appearance to an elephants 

  • Hybrids - The Critters of Chaos are already genetic hybrids and cannot breed so cannot be hybridised with any other species

  • Feral Critters - All Critters are bipedal

  • Mythical Creature Genetics - Critters are man made in a laboratory with genetic material from existing animals. In rare cases Critters may be created with genetic traits from recently extinct animals such as Thylacines, Mammoths, Woolly Rhinos and other species where specimens with viable genetic material to harvest exist

DIY Critter Base

This base is free to download and use, all you need is a google account and a program capable of downloading and editing .PSD files

Because Critters are so customisable users will need to edit the base to include the ears, tails, horns, etc themselves.

There are a few conditions to use this base:

  • Do not remove the watermark or website

  • Do not use these bases for profit. No adopts or commissions (you may sell adopts or commissions using your own art and bases)

  • Please link back to our Twitter, Facebook or website where possible when posting designs you've made with the base

If you're an artist and interested in contributing a free to use Critter base please feel free to email me at TheMenagerieCostumes@Gmail.com


Get your Critter of Chaos design approved

Fill out the form below to get your Critters design approved​

If you design is approved your Critter will be assigned an ID number. If there is anything in your design that is against the rules you will be notified of how it needs to be modified before your Critter can be assigned it's ID number.